Q: How are your products?

A: Awesome. So totally amazing.

Q: Will there be more modules?

A: Absolutely. The Mountain, our modulating low pass filter based on the new SSI2144 chip, is coming soon.

Q: I have a module idea. Will you make it? Can I have money if you do?

A: Maybe and probably not but you can have a module. 

Q: Why "Warm Star"?

A: We have always found the use of the word "warm" to describe musical sounds to be delightfully ambiguous; everyone agrees that it's good, and nobody agrees on what it is. So we decided to co-opt it for our own purposes. Also our camp at Bonnaroo 2007 was called Camp Warm Star because we brought a bunch of Lone Star (a Texas beer) and no way to refrigerate it. 

Q: Does Warm Star endorse any other Eurorack brands?

A: Delptronics, 4MS, Alright Devices, Doepfer, Malekko, Noise Reap, Hex Inverter, Make Noise, Moog, Sputnik, Mutable Instruments, and many others.

Q: Is The Bends available in Europe?

A: No, not yet. We are still waiting on the arrival of ROHS compliant vactrols. If you are interested in being contacted when modules are available in Europe, contact sales@warmstarelectronics.com to get on the waiting list. 

Product Information


All our products carry an unconditional "One Year” full warranty for ANY problem related to function or operation due to faulty parts and/or other internal problems. If you have your original receipt, and it’s been less than one year since the date of purchase, send it back to our shop and we will repair it for free and send it back to you! If you are outside of this window, or do not have proof of purchase, contact us for repair rates.


All items purchased from authorized Warm Star Electronics dealers are subject to the dealer’s terms and conditions for Returns.  Items purchased from authorized Warm Star Electronics dealers cannot and should not be returned directly to Warm Star Electronics.

Any item(s) purchased directly from www.warmstarelectronics.com can be returned for refund under the circumstances that you return the item with original packaging, in perfect mechanical, functional, and cosmetic condition and within 7 days of receiving the item(s).  Upon receiving the returned item, Warm Star Electronics staff will inspect and test the item to verify it is in “new” condition, and in perfect working order.  Upon the item(s) passing inspection, we will issue a refund or contact you with any questions/concerns.

Warm Star Electronics retains the right to charge a re-stocking fee on returned items that were shipped back to us within 7 days of receiving the item(s) BUT that were found to be in less than new condition either functionally, mechanically, or cosmetically.  Any item(s) received and kept for more than 7 days are automatically deemed non-refundable and will not be accepted for return even if found to be in “new” condition and perfect working order.