The Bends Voltage Manipulator

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The Bends Voltage Manipulator


The Bends is a four channel averaging matrix. A voltage source. A voltage manipulator. A hub of voltage interaction. A voltage-controlled cross-mixer. A space for your signals to bounce off of one another.

Among other things, The Bends can be used to:

• Combine CV signals, resulting in multiple different simultaneous outputs based on their intersection / interaction

• Control the mix of audio or CV signals with CV

• Control the routing of signals with CV

• Provide positive and negative fixed offset voltages, and manipulate those voltages with CV

• Attenuate and / or invert audio or CV

• Control the offset of a signal with CV

• Control the amplitude of a signal with CV (similar to a VCA), including "ducking" (inverse VCA behavior)

• Turn triggers into snappy lil’ percussion envelopes

• Confuse your friends when explaining your patch

It’s also possible to combine several of the above functions in such a way that turning the knobs on The Bends controls complex and simultaneous results throughout your patch! Though it can be a link in a relatively linear flow of audio or CV, The Bends shines as a central hub of a CV web, where a large number of control voltages interact with each other, but can all be manipulated or reduced to nothing by twiddling The Bends’ four knobs.

10 HP. Available now.

For more information, read The Bends Manual!

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